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House of Puerto Rico San Diego

HPRSD is A Non Profit Organization IRS code
501 (C) 3

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Casita Museum Address
2172 Pan American Road East
San Diego, CA 92101

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Culture Corner:
Sharing The Puerto Rican Experience

Puerto Rican Flag
In our monthly membership meetings, a member of HPRSD or a visiting guest is invited to share their experiences with the Puerto Rican culture and history. This seminar series has been denoted as our Culture Corner. Tomás Perry, one of the original founders of the House of Puerto Rico, and Jaime Chavez initiated the series.

The 2018 Culture Corner is hosted at our Casita in Balboa Park (San Diego, CA) after the monthly HPRSD membership meeting at 3PM (1st Saturday). Open to all!

This Month's Culture Corner

We have a a special Culture Corner this October:

Puerto Rican Making a Mark in the World of Volleyball:
Rio 2016 & Beyond by Lynda Morales

Puerto Rican Making a Mark in the World of Volleyball: Rio 2016 & beyond by Lynda MoralesSaturday, October 13, 2018
** NOTE date change due to Makers Faire in Balboa Park (10/6-7).
Membership meeting 3-4:30pm
Culture Corner 4:30-5pm
Potluck 5-6pm


Come back for our monthly Cultural Corner to learn more about Puerto Rican culture and experiences!

If you have any questions about the Culture Corner series or future contributions, feel free to contact any current leader or active members.

Bring a dish to share at the potluck.

Culture Corner Schedule
To follow is the 2018 series schedule with a number of available spots at this time. Are you interested in sharing your Puerto Rican Experience or a topic of our history and culture?

If you are interested in providing a Culture Corner in 2018, contact Aileen Alvarado-Swaisgood at or to our general email

Culture Corner Lineup for 2018

January Día de los Tres Reyes / Three Kings Celebration by Steve Caruso
February House of Puerto Rico Casita 15th Anniversary Celebration

2018 San Diego Latino Film Festival by Jaime Diego Chavez
3/17 Special: My Dreams of Playing Basketball For Puerto Rico by Isalys Quiñones

April HPRSD Programs & Committees: 2018 Volunteer Planning
by President Cassie Pagán and Executive Board
May 2017 Hurricanes in Puerto Rico: Perspectives on Sociology Effects and Emergency Relief - 2 presentations by Dr. Jenniffer Santos-Hernández & Roberto Rivera
June Traditions of the Día de San Juan by Irene Roman & Aileen Alvarado-Swaisgood

HPRSD Queens Court Election

The Unbelievable Story of Why Puerto Rico is called Puerto Rico by Oswald Pardo.


Arturo Alfonso Schomburg - Boricua who's large personal collection led to the creation of the Schomburg Center in Black Culture in NYC by Joe Carballo & Daniel López


Puerto Rican Making a Mark in the World of Volleyball: Rio 2016 & Beyond by Lynda Morales

November ELECTIONS for 2019 Board - Make sure to cast your vote!

Planning Ahead

If you are interested in sharing your experiences about Puerto Rican culture or you would like to learn more about Puerto Rican culture (e.g., suggest topics), please attend our next meeting or email us at

Calling All Speakers!

We need you for opportunities in 2018. What is your Puerto Rican experience? What about Puerto Rico's history, traditions, culture, etc do you want to share? Call Aileen at 858-395-5765 or email at


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At the next HPRSD Membership meeting's Culture Corner -

Lynda Morales - Puerto Rico Volleyball Olympian

Puerto Rican Making a Mark in the World of Volleyball: Rio 2016 & beyond
by Lynda Morales

Membership Meeting, Culture Corner & Potluck
Saturday, October 13, 2018
** NOTE date change **
Our Casita, Balboa Park
Learn more...

House of Puerto Rico Gala Fiesta de Navidad
HPRSD Gala Fiesta de Navidad
Saturday, December 15, 2018
Crown Plaza Hotel
see link for details

HPRSD Membership Meeting,
Culture Corner, and Potluck,

1st Saturday of the month
3-6pm La Casita Cottage, Balboa Park
(except in July & December)

If you are interested in participating in one or more of the following programs, contact HPRSD:


Here we present articles by fellow HPRSD members and friends such as Daniel M. López and Dr. Antonio Grillo López about Puerto Rico

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