Festival del Caribe 2023

Festival del Caribe 2023


Come out in support of The House of Music

The House of Music presents “Festival del Caribe” a fundraiser to support our mission of providing music lessons and instruments to underserved youth in San Diego.  You will enjoy a full day from 12 pm-7 pm at NTC Park (Liberty Station). 

The festival includes performances by  Los Van Van and Tipica 73. Our DJs spinning Salsa and Timba, direct from Miami DJ Melao and San Diego’s own DJ Ukeim.  Special performances by our very own students from The House of Music programs at ECTLC and The Monarch School Project sites. 

See some of San Diego’s best dance companies performing Salsa, Timba, and Bachata.  We will have a culturally diverse blend of foods and drinks available for purchase.  This is a 21 and up event.  No refunds.  No in and out privileges. COVID protocols and guidelines will be followed.  

To buy tickets are availble at THEHOUSEOFMUSIC.ORG 

The House of Music
House of Puerto Rico San Diego
2023 Día de San Juan Celebration Lawn Program

It's time again Puerto Rican fans!  The House of Puerto Rico San Diego is live again on stage for our 2023 Día de San Juan Celebration Lawn Program at Balboa Park International Cottages.

Please come out and support the House of Puerto Rico San Diego and our Puerto Rican Culture and Traditions!  If your not Puerto Rican, thats ok because you  all are Puerto Ricains at  the Día de San Juan Celebration Lawn Program on Saturday, June 17, 2023. 

Come and enjoy Puerto Rican Food and intertainment with music and dances.



Anthony L. Flores     

President, House of Puerto Rico San Diego (2023)


House of Puerto Rico San Diego
Proclamation: Puerto Rican Heritage Day

This Friday, May 19, 2023 at the House of Puerto Rico San Diego cottage in Balboa Park at 1PM to 4PM will be open to the public to receive from the city of San Diego the Proclamation award to make May 19, 2023 Puerto Rican Heritage Day from a representive from the San Diego's mayor's office.

Please come out in support to take pictures with the award.

House of Puerto Rico San Diego on El Nuevo Día ePaper May 13, 2023
Puerto Rican Heritage Celebration at Petco Park

The House of Puerto Rico San Diego is in the newspaper on the larges newspaper company in Puerto Rico. The reporter from El Nuevo Día ePaper, Antolin Maldonado interviewed Anthony Flores, President of the House of Puerto Rico San Diego about this upcoming special event.

Regarding the inaugural Puerto Rican Heritage Celebration Theme Game at Petco Park! Where the Boston Red Sox vs San Diego Padres this Friday, May 19, 2023 at 6:40PM PST.

The newspaper is in spanish and we are still trying to see if we can recieve this artical in english.  For now please enjoy for our spanish readers by clicking the button below.


House of Puerto Rico San Diego on El Nuevo Día ePaper
Puerto Rican Heritage Celebration | Friday, May 19, 2023: Red Sox vs. Padres
House of Puerto Rico San Diego

The Padres, in community partnership with the House of Puerto Rico, invite you to join us for our inaugural Puerto Rican Heritage Celebration. Your Theme Game package includes a limited-edition themed Padres hat, donation to a local community group, and a ticket to the Red Sox vs. Padres game.

Tickets will be available via the MLB Ballpark app prior to the game.

Should you like to sit with someone that will be buying tickets at a later date, please advise their names. We will try to accommodate your request.

The House of Puerto Rico San Diego has made history once again! We are Sold Out of our 400 tickets we needed to sell! On behalf of the House of Puerto Rico San Diego, we thank everyone for your support in purchasing the Padres tickets through us to particapate in our inaugural Puerto Rican Heritage Celebration at Petco Park! 

Please note! Everyone who purchased tickets to the game should have recieved and email from the San Diego Padres. "Thanks for purchasing tickets for our upcoming Puerto Rican Heritage Celebration event at Petco Park!  Your tickets have been assigned and you should receive an email shortly with directions on how to access the tickets in the Ballpark app".

If you have any questions regarding your tickets you have purchased, please email

Thank you again in making history with us!


SD Padres | Puerto Rican Heritage Game - SOLD OUT!

La Casita is on the news!

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) House of Pacific Relations International Cottages Presents Its 40th Annual Ethnic Food Fair - May 7, 2023

La Casita is on the news!

Together San Diego - The San Diego Union Tribune - Feb 2, 2023

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House of Puerto Rico San Diego - News

We are back open in La Casita at Balboa Park, San Diego! Check out the current news below.

HPRSD Youth Programs
Angie Freeman's Reinitas Borincanas y Jovenes Boricuas

Our Youth:

Supporting The Leaders of Tomorrow

There is no doubt - Our youth is our future! In a recent survey of HPRSD members, it was unanimous the sentiments that, as an organization, we should develop programs to foster the development of our youth within the context of our Puerto Rican heritage and customs.

The support from our members to get involved has been tremendous, including those that have children, grandchildren, kids in high school and college, or young adults starting their careers. 



More details
Doña Casilda Pagan Scholarship
Investing in Our Youth's Future

Important Dates:

  • Scholarship Application Deadline, Monday, July 31, 2023

The House of Puerto Rico San Diego sponsors the Casilda Pagán Educational/ Vocational Scholarship. This scholarship is being offered to high school seniors/ graduates or college/post-graduate students. The applicant must be a current active member of the House of Puerto Rico San Diego or a San Diego County resident of Puerto Rican descent, who has contributed at least 10 hours of community service through HPRSD within the last year. If you need to complete your volunteer hours please contact Joe Carballo at With this award, we hope to assist youth or adults in the attainment of their educational and professional goals.

Scholarships are awarded yearly. Interested applicants should submit the following information:

  • Personal  Essay (250 word minimum) including the following information:

    • Your educational /vocational goals

    • Your financial needs

    • Describe how you will contribute community service through the House of Puerto Rico.

    • Describe Prior History of community service

  • Proof of current enrollment in an educational or vocational institution

  • Transcripts reflecting most recent academic achievement. (Those already attending a college/vocational program should submit a transcript showing all courses/grades completed to date. High school seniors should submit most recent transcripts)

  • Three letters of recommendation from teachers, counselors, employers, or  community leaders

  • Completed application form

  • Any additional materials which you believe may enhance your aapplication (i.e., awards, community service, etc.)

Download HPRSD Scholarship Application (.docx)